What is "aliquot sequence" field?

Generally, when users search for aliquots, they are interested only in a subset that should be displayed in the query results, and not all aliquots under a specimen. Using 'Aliquot Sequence', it is possible to limit the number of aliquots displayed per parent specimen in the query results.

It is a dynamic virtual counter. It generates the sequence for the aliquots under a parent specimen for the query, starting from 1.

For example, a user wants to view 3 aliquots per parent specimen. A filter can be applied in the query as "Specimen >> Specimen Statistics >> Aliquot Sequence Less than or Equals 3"

This will retrieve maximum 3 ACTIVE aliquots per parent specimen. (Demo Query)

A system job 'Scheduler to refresh specimen additional details' is scheduled to run every night. This allows the updating of the aliquot sequence. More information on jobs: System Jobs