Sites CSV

Steps to import CSV

  • Log in as a super or institute admin user and go to the sites' list page.
  • Click on the 'Import' button and select the option 'Sites'.

  • Click on 'Download Template File' to download the template file from the 'Import Sites' page.

  • Enter all valid data in the template file as mentioned in the 'Data Dictionary' table below.
  • Upload the filled template file in the 'Input Records File' field, select 'Import Type' as 'Create' to create or 'Update' to update sites.
  • Click on the 'Validate and Import' button.
  • Refer 'Import status' to check the status of the import job.

Sample CSV

Data Directory

Column Name

Data type






Permissible ValuesValidations
IdentifierNumberNoDependsSystem auto-generated unique number for every site.
Mandatory while updating Site and Institute Name


StringYesYesName of the site.
Should be unique within the system
Institute NameStringYesNoInstitute under which the site has to be created.
Should be an existing institute

A unique shortcode for the site.

This is typically used in HL7 or API integration when data comes from other programs with a site code.

Should be unique within OS
TypeStringYesNoType of the site.
  • Collection Site
  • Repository
  • Laboratory
  • Not Specified

Activity Status (v7.0)StringNoNoActivity status for sites.
  • Active
  • Disabled
Use 'Disabled' to delete the sites.

Coordinator#1#Email AddressEmail AddressNoNoOne or more users will be assigned an "administrator" role on this site.

It should be an existing user.

Coordinator#2#Email AddressEmail AddressNoNo