Institutes CSV

Steps to import the CSV  

  • Login as a Super Admin user and go to the Institute's list page.
  • Click on the 'Import' button and select option 'Institutes'.

  • Click on 'Download Template File' to download the template file from the 'Import Institutes' page.

  • Enter all valid data in the template file as mentioned in the 'Data Dictionary' table below.
  • Upload the filled template file in the 'Input Records File' field, select 'Import Type' as 'Create' to create or 'Update' to update institutes.
  • Click on the 'Validate and Import' button.
  • Refer 'Import status' to check the status of the import job.

Sample CSV


Data Dictionary

Column Name






DescriptionPermissible ValuesValidations
IdentifierNumberNoYesSystem auto-generated unique number for every Institute.
It can be left blank during add. This is used only for updating the institute name.

Name of the Institute.

It should be unique within the instance.

Activity Status (v7.0)StringNoNoActivity status of the institution.
  • Active
  • Disabled
To delete the institutions, update the activity status to 'Disabled'.