Specimen Centric CP


You might want to collect only specimen information without participant information for some studies. E.g., bacteria samples, microbiome, specimens collected from an outside lab, etc.

For such studies, OpenSpecimen supports "Specimen-centric" studies. 


Creating Specimen Centric CPs

During protocol set-up, administrators can choose if a study is a participant or a specimen-centric study. Note that you cannot change the CP type after creation.

Define Specimen Requirements (SR) (v9.0)

You can define specimen processing requirements in the CP. For example, 10 ml EDTA Whole Blood tubes are processed into five aliquots of plasma and ten aliquots of buffy coats.

1. Navigate to the Specimen-centric CP.

2. Click on the 'Requirements' tab.

3. Add the specimen requirements.

For more information about the SR, please refer to the 'Adding Specimen Requirements (SR)' sectionYou can add derivatives and aliquots under a parent specimen based on how you process it. Refer to the.'Adding Derivatives and Aliquots' section for detailed information.

Collection Specimens

When you access such protocols for data collection, the specimens list view page is displayed, and your workflow starts with adding specimens. You can add multiple specimens of the same or different types by clicking the 'Add Specimen' button.