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v9.1 Release Notes


We are happy to announce that v9.1 is ready for download! This release includes new features, usability enhancements, and bug fixes requested by customers. 

New features include:

  • Folders to organize carts

  • Displaying names for containers in addition to unique names

  • User interface revamp using VueJS

  • Catalog & request enhancements

  • eConsent enhancements









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Software/Hardware requirements

Review this page before upgrading for any changes: Software/Hardware Requirements.

Cart Folders

Reported by: Murdoch Children's Research Institute & Indiana University

You can now organize carts into folders which can also be shared with other users.

Refer to for more details.

Processing workflows

Reported by: University Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands)

New features of workflows module include:

  • Container auto allocation while processing child specimens

  • Auto calculations for aliquots processing. E.g. Calculate cell count and no. of aliquots of PBMC that can be processed based on volume and cell count of the parent

Refer to for more details.

This is a paid plugin. Please contact us if you are interested to get a quote for this module.

Catalog enhancements

Reported by: National University Hospital, Singapore

Below are some Catalog and Request module enhancements:

  1. An email notification is sent on closing the specimen catalog request. Previously, email was sent only on request approval and rejection.

  2. Ability to 'Search' under catalog columns selection in the results view.

  3. Added toggle checkbox on each row to allow users to select the specimens in the catalog results view. This makes it evident that the specimens can be selected.

  4. Added "Clear Cart" and "Remove Category" buttons on the cart review page.

  5. Displayed comments added at the time of closing the request on the overview page.

  6. Allowed users to reset the request status to Pending. An approved or rejected request can be moved to Pending. An approved request can be reset to Pending only if none of the request items are distributed.

Audit enhancements

Some of the modules like carts, catalogs, arrays, dropdown manager, protocol workflows, etc. were missing audit functionality. Now every module in OpenSpcimen is audited.

Also, login audit report was taking time to download for larger reports. Now, this is asynchronous i.e., if it takes time to download, it is processed in the background, and a mail is sent when it is ready to download.

eConsent enhancements

Reported by: Columbia University Irving Medical Center, The University Of Kansas Medical Center

eConsent: Ability to delete/archive the filled consent

Revision: Should not be editable once the consent form is used for at least for one patient.

Sharing consent documents across multiple collection protocols

Allow same consent form multiple times per visit

eConsent: Privileges for creating vs updating consents

Restrict CP co-ordinator to edit the signed consent

Bugs & Enhancements

Below are some other fixes implemented in v9.1:


Reported by


Reported by

Concurrent session limit

National University Hospital & Singhealth, Singapore

Default printer in user profile

University Medical Center Utrecht

Draft watermark does not allow the selection of the radio button

The University of British Columbia

Preprint on shipment recieve

Washington University School of Medicine

UI: Bulk update of specimens limit should be configurable

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Non-problematic specimens directly added to the working list

Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Can't add new specimen type restriction to container if specimens are stored in box

Victorian Cancer Biobank

Support user friendly name for Containers

Many Centers

All Improvements and Bugs

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