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User Groups (UG) (v8.1)


You can create a User Group (UG) with multiple users from an institute. UGs will help in the easier management of users linked with an object. Currently UGs are supported in:

  1. Print Rules

  2. Share queries

  3. Carts

We will be supporting UGs in other places like CPs, DPs, etc in future.


  • Multi-institute user groups are not supported.

  • Any user with user add/edit privilege can add/edit UG.

  • You can edit UG that is created by other members of the group.

  • Navigate to 'Users' and select the users you want to add to your group.

  • Click on the 'Add to Group' button and click on 'Create New'.

  • Add 'Name' and 'Description' of the group and click on 'Create'.


If you want to edit the UG name or description, you can click on the 'Edit' icon, add changes, and update.


You can delete the UG by clicking on the bin icon.

Add Users

You can add more users to your existing user group. This would be useful when new members join your team.

Select the users you want to add → Click on Add to Group → Select the existing UG.

Remove Users

  • Go to the desired UG.

  • Select users that you want to remove → Click on the 'Remove from Group' button.


The 'Remove from Group' option will only appear when you select one or more users.

Share Carts

When you create a specimen cart and want to share it with other users of the same institute, you can create a UG and share the cart with the group. This way, you do not have to add all the users one by one. 

Share Queries

You can share your query folders with UG, and all the group members will be able to view the queries within the shared folder. Refer to reporting section on the wiki page for information on creating queries and share queries section for information on query folders.

Share Print Rules

Once you create a print rule, you can add user groups rather than adding individual users. Refer to the wiki page for more details on print rules.

Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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