How to temporarily turn off auto-generated labels?

When you have set auto-generation of participant PPIDs, visit names, and specimen labels in your protocol, OpenSpecimen does not allow you to edit these fields. For some use cases like an incorrect entry, you might want to update one of these fields, then you need to turn off the labels' auto-generation temporarily. Follow the below steps to do it.


  1. Navigate to 'Collection Protocols'.

  2. From the overview page, go to 'Label Format and Print' settings.

3. Click on 'Edit' → Remove the format. For e.g., if you want to edit visit name of one of the visits, blank out visit name format. Make sure you save the format somewhere as they have to be updated back.

4. Now, go to the participants-list-view page, and select the patient for whom you want to edit the visit name.

5. Go to the visit overview page → Click on 'Edit'.

6. Change the visit name and click on 'Update'.

7. Now, go to 'Label Format and Print' settings, → Put back the visit name format and save.


  • You can also achieve this for PPID and specimen labels.

  • For specimens, you need to also check if there are any label formats set at specimen requirement level:

  • For aliquots, you need to verify if the aliquot format is set at the system 'Settings' level: