Specimen Collection and Order Manifests (PDF)


Manifests are PDF files that can be downloaded or printed after specimen collection, distribution, or shipment.


You need to add the html file type on the list of file types allowed in the OpenSpecimen server. You can follow the below steps for it.

  1. Go to ‘setting card’ from the homepage and search for ‘type.’

  2. You will see a property named ‘Allowed File Type.’

  3. Click on it and add html in the list separated by a comma.

  4. Click on an ‘Update.’

Specimen Collection Manifest

Since the processing techniques vary, generating protocol-specific manifests should be possible. The manifests can be configured based on protocol needs either at the system or CP level. It can contain any data related to specimen, visit, or participant - including custom fields.

A clinic coordinator who has reading access to the visit can download a “Specimen Collection Manifest” from the participant’s visit page.

Specimen Distribution Manifest

Similarly, it is possible to configure the distribution manifests either at the DP or system level. The distribution manifest can be downloaded from the Order overview page.

Specimen Collection Manifest

Downloading Specimen Collection Manifest from Visit Page

  1. Click on the “Collection Protocol“ card on the homepage.

  2. Click on a CP of choice and select the participant for whom you want to generate the manifest.

  3. There are two ways to access the Visit Overview Page from Participant Overview Page. Choose the visit of your choice directly from the Participant Overview Page Or click on the visit tab on the left sidebar and select the desired visit from the list by clicking the eye icon.

Participant Overview Page

Visit list View

4. Finally, click on “Specimen Manifest“ to download the Specimen Collection Manifest.


Visit Overview Page

Default Specimen Manifest PDF


Downloading the default Specimen Manifest Template

You can also export manifest templates from both levels in the following ways:

System-Level Specimen Manifest Template

  1. Click on the “Settings “card on the homepage.

  2. Search “manifest” and click on visit.html

CP-Level Specimen Manifest Template:

  1. Click on the “Collection Protocol “card on the homepage.

  2. Go to the Overview Page of the CP of your choice.

  3. Click on the “More “option and select the “Export Specimens Manifest“ option. It will download CP-specific manifest template for that CP.

CP Overview Page

Configuring the manifest at System and CP-Level

  • Before configuring the manifest, it is good to have a backup file of the working manifest template.

  • The system-level template will be used when no template is configured at the CP level.

The manifest template can be configured in the following steps:

  1. Download the HTML file of the manifest template by following the above steps.

  2. Open the template in the editor of choice. Then, add additional fields of your choice, as shown inside the box below.


  3. After saving the document, you can configure the manifest at the system or CP level.

  4. To configure the manifest at the system level, go to the “Setting” from the homepage, search for “manifest,” and select “Specimens Collection Manifest.” Browse the file, and click on the update button to upload the file.

  5. To configure the manifest at the CP-level, go to the CP Overview Page, click on the “More” option, and select “Import Specimen Manifest.” Browse the file and click on the import button to upload the file.


  6. To review the changes, you can download the updated manifest pdf by following the above steps.

Supported Fields

Specimen manifest

Specimen Manifest Supported Fields

Default manifest templates

Specimen Collection manifest

Distribution or Oder manifest

Request manifest