v7.2 Release Notes


We are happy to announce that v7.2 is ready for download! This release includes some important bug fixes and enhancements requested by customers. 

New features include:

  1. MySQL 8 support
  2. eConsent enhancements
  3. REDCap enhancements
  4. Many bug fixes and usability enhancements


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Software/Hardware requirements

Review this page before attempting to upgrade for any changes: Software/Hardware Requirements.

MySQL 8 Support

Inputs from: University of Utah

OpenSpecimen now supports the latest MySQL version. Current users can upgrade to MySQL 8. 

eConsents & Survey Enhancements

Inputs from: Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Below are some of the enhancements done in this module:

  • Status to track if the survey email and form was opened by the participant
  • Warning if the invitation for the same survey was sent multiple times
  • Enhanced survey list page to include additional fields
  • Ability to configure survey invitation emails per collection protocol

Refer to 'eConsents' for more details.

REDCap Enhancements

When there are repeating events in REDCap, OpenSpecimen was creating single visit under the participant. Now, repeatable events are handled and corresponding multiple visits are created in OpenSpecimen when data is synched from REDCap. Also, there are enhancements done to optimize large data sync for example first-time sync so that the connection does not close abrutly.

Bugs & Enhancements

  • Print rules: Support to create a single print rule for multiple specimen types(Inputs from: University of Kansas Medical Center)
  • User management: Ability to send emails to 'Contact' type of users (Inputs from: Washington University)
  • User management: User should be able to edit their own profile (Inputs from: Washington University)
  • Display concept codes for custom field dropdowns created using Dropdown Manager. (Inputs from: Navarrabiomed)
  • Handling IP address in the proxy setting during audit and print rules (Inputs from: Washington University & Columbia University)
  • Support for Tomcat clustering (Inputs from: TMRW Life Sciences) 
  • Many bug fixes in CSV import

All Improvements and Bugs

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