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Participant Data Entry In Online Mode (v2 version)

Once you click on the collection protocol, you will be redirected to the participant's list view page shown below. To register a participant -

  1. Click on ' + ' sign to enter participant data.

  2. Enter the participant data

  3. Click on ‘SAVE’ to save the details.

Once you save the participant's data, you will get redirected to the participant overview page.

Note: Since participant data was collected, this page shows 'Cov_001' existing participant. If you are starting with a fresh collection protocol, the participant list view page will be blank.

Register participant by scanning barcode

You can register a participant by scanning a barcode of a particular participant.

Collection Protocol → Click on the ‘+' sign → Click on the camera icon beside the ‘Participant Protocol ID’ → scan the barcode → Click on 'SAVE.’

You can search for a participant by scanning the barcode too.

Collection Protocol → Click on the ‘search' sign at the right top corner, → click on the camera icon shown below the image → scan the barcode.

To configure the scanning feature, refer to

Data entry for auto label format generated fields

If the label format for the participant ID field is auto-generated as shown in the below image and the ‘User Inputs Allowed' field is selected for ‘Participant Protocol IDs,’ you will have to follow the label format while entering the participant id.

For more details about the label format, refer to the page.

Note: If the ‘User Inputs Allowed' is not selected, then the participant ID field will not appear on the add/edit page, and the ID gets generated automatically.


Got feedback or spotted a mistake?

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