How to register participant to another CP via bulk import?

OpenSpecimen allows users to add existing participants to another protocol using EMPI or MRN + MRN site or SSN.

E.g. Register participant having eMPI ‘MPI18415’ (already present in CP ‘KCP’) to another CP ‘SPW1’

Follow the steps:

  1. Go to the collection protocols list page and click on the ‘Import’ button and select the option ‘Biospecimen Data’.
  2. Select 'Participant Registrations’ from the 'Select Records Type' dropdown and download the template file from UI.
  3. Add existing EMPI of the participant under the respective column in the template file.
  4. Add a short title and PPID (if auto-generation is off) of another CP on which the user is going to register the participant in the columns ‘CPR#1#CP Short Title’ and ‘CPR#1#PPID’ respectively.                                                                                                       

Refer to the sample CSV file.

  1. Upload the file and select ‘Import Type’ as ‘Update’ and click on ‘Validate and Import’ button.
  2. The system will register the participant to another CP using existing eMPI.

CP-1 Registration

CP-2 Registration