What happens when you delete participant?

Case 1: When participant P1 is registered to multiple CPs - CP1 and CP2.

User deletes (from BO or UI) the registration for P1 from CP2. The participant registration under CP1 will be retained and displayed on the UI only under CP1.

At the database level: Record from table catissue_coll_prot_reg will be disabled, i.e., value in the column 'ACTIVITY_STATUS' will be changed to 'Disabled'. The entry is retained as is in the catissue_participant table.

Case 2: When participant P2 is registered to a single CP - CP1

User deletes (from BO or UI) the participant P2. The participant will no longer be displayed on the UI.

At the database level: Record for P2 from both the tables catissue_coll_prot_reg and catissue_participant will be disabled, i.e., value in the column 'ACTIVITY_STATUS' will be changed to 'Disabled'. 

Case 3: When participant P1 is registered to a CP and was deleted from the CP before. The same participant has been added again to the CP and needs to be deleted.

In this case, the system throws an error upon deleting such participants twice. A workaround to delete the participant is by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Create a new participant with an eMPI, say 0001, in some other CP.

  2. Update the eMPI of the participant you are trying to delete with 0001.

  3. It will ask you to merge. Merge the participants.

  4. Delete the participant you updated in the 2nd step.


When you merge the participants in step 3, existing participants' data will get updated with the data you entered in the new participant. This applies to participant data in all the protocols.