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OpenClinica (OC) is world's leading open source solution for EDC (electronic data collection). Both the solutions provides complimentary benefits to research centers. OC is used to collect data for clinical studies and OpenSpecimen (OS) is used for biospecimen collection for the same study.

Goals of the integration

  1. Reduce manual data entry and thereby save data time and human errors
  2. Link data points between OS and OC (E.g. studies, participants, visits)
  3. Use OpenSpecimen's query interface to look for samples based on OC and OS

Integration points




Collection Protocol


In OpenSpecimen CP UI, it should be possible to configure which OC study does it link with.



An OpenClinica subject should get registered as OS participant under the linked collection protocol. The OC "subject ID" should be used as OS "PPID".



An OC Visit should get added as Visit in OS under the same participant. 



Every CRF under the OC study should get replicated as OS "forms". These will be "read only" and to be used only for reporting i.e. query for samples based on biospecimen data and clinical study data.

Important notes

Error handling:

Study and Site link

Patient and visit link

CRF syncing


All the OC CRFs should be available within OS reporting module for querying for specimens. 

Metadata synching

CRF data syncing