This document outlines the software and hardware requirements of OpenSpecimen. 

Network topology diagram

Software Requirements

Tomcat (App Server)9.x
Apache (Web Server)2.4
MySQL (Database)8.x
Java JDK (OpenJava)8


Hardware Requirements

ServerOperating SystemTechnical Specifications

Prod database server

Linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat)Quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 100 GB SSD HDD

Production app server

Linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat)Quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 100 GB any HDD

Test server

Linux ( CentOS, Ubuntu, RedHat)Dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 100 GB any HDD

Printing server (for BarTender or NiceLabel)

Windows 10

User Access

VMsSudo access for the Krishagni VPN accounts
DatabaseIf provided by client, administrator/root access

Sudo Access Details

  1. Install OpenSpecimen as a service using systemctl (RHEL lineage) / service (Debian lineage) commands.
  2. Restart OpenSpecimen service.
  3. Configure and restart the Apache webserver.
  4. Configure and restart database server (Oracle / MySQL)
  5. Configure and restart MTA like Postfix. Optional. Required only if an intermediate MTA is used.
  6. Create/update cronjobs