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Please follow the below steps to set Tomcat as service:

  1. Go to ${TOMCAT_HOME}/bin
  2. Open 'openspecimen' file in edit mode. Please use openspecimen file if not present in the folder
  3. Search for 'CATALINA_HOME'
  4. Set the 'CATALINA_HOME' to your tomcat home. The value of this variable will be same as ${TOMCAT_HOME}
  5. The service will be created with the name of filename. (i.e openspecimen). If you wish to change the service name, rename the file to name you want. Also change the service name in the file as well which are used in printing messages.
  6. Copy the file and paste it into /etc/init.d
  7. Stop the tomcat
  8. Go to ${TOMCAT_HOME}/bin
  9. Run the command: sudo ./ This will install the service and start the tomcat

Set the service to start on reboot

  1. sudo /sbin/chkconfig --list <service_name>
    Ex: sudo /sbin/chkconfig --list openspecimen
    If nothing lists then run the below command otherwise directly run #3.
  2. sudo /sbin/chkconfig --add <service_name>
  3. sudo /sbin/chkconfig <service_name> on
  4. sudo chkconfig --level 6 <service_name> on

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