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Continuous usage of specimens results in many unused spots in freezers. Biobank staff consolidates their freezers once in a while. This can be a tedious exercise to figure out the right way to move the specimens. In v6.0, OpenSpecimen supports generating a "freezer defrag report". Once you move the specimens, you can update OpenSpecimen to reflect the movements.

How to generate the defragmentation report?

  1. Go to the Freezer or Rack or the container you want to consolidate
  2. Go to the Overview page
  3. Click on Export → Defragment.
  4. You have a choice to move all aliquots of a parent in same box
  5. This process sometimes takes time. You will get an email after the process is completed along with the report to download.


Example report: Demo_Freezer_DefragReport

How to upload the report after consolidation?

Once the defrag report is downloaded, you can review and update as required. The same report can be imported back using the "Specimen" CSV import template as an 'Update' operation. Refer to Create/Update Specimen for more details.