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In this document, $TOMCAT_HOME is used to refer to the absolute path of the directory containing the working Tomcat server, and $WORK_DIR is used to refer to the directory you prefer to work in.

Steps to upgrade Tomcat

1. Unzip the new downloaded archive into the $WORK_DIR

$ cp $WORK_DIR


$ unzip

2. Change directory to new Tomcat conf.

$ cd tomcat-as/conf

3. Edit the new context.xml file andĀ configure the database connection pool by referring to the working context.xml and save the file.

$ vi context.xml

4. Edit the new server.xml file and configure the Tomcat ports by referring to the working server.xml file and save the file.

$ vi server.xml

5. Copy the from working tomcat-as/conf/ directory to new tomcat-as/conf directory.

$ cp $TOMCAT_HOME/tomcat-as/conf/ $WORK_DIR/tomcat-as/conf/.

6. Rename the working Tomcat directory to old_tomcat-as and compress that directory.


$ mv tomcat-as old_tomcat-as

$ zip -r old_tomcat-as

7. Copy the new tomcat-as directory from OpenSpecimen build to the current Tomcat directory path.

$ cp -r $WORK_DIR/tomcat-as $TOMCAT_HOME

8. configure the Tomcat to run as a service.

Please refer to this Wiki page.