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OpenSpecimen supports printing for specimen and visit labels. On configuring printing, OpenSpecimen generates and writes the labels as CMD or CSV files on the file system. OpenSpecimen does not actually print the labels. It only writes the required data in the file format understood by the printer automation software like Bartender, NiceLabel, etc. The print software can be configured to process these CMD files in an automated fashion.


For configuring the printing into the in OpenSpecimen please refer configuration section.


A: No. There could be a single printer for multiple users based on the group/network requirements. If using multiple printers that , it can be configured in the automation software to read the labels and send them to different printers as per the requirement.


A: No. This is same as above. However, historically, this has been used to specify the path of printer label design template

Q: How to handle printing from remote sites?

For sites which will operate OpenSpecimen remotely from multiple geographical locations, below are the options to handle printing:

Option 1: Via shared folder on the cloud like DropBox

For example, when user prints from 'Site A', OpenSpecimen sends label information into DropBox/SharedFolderA. BarTender is installed on a cloud server which is listening to this DropBox folders. The printers should also be accessible on the cloud so that BarTender is able to route the printing job to specific printer. 

Option 2: Download printed labels file CSV from OpenSpecimen UI

By enabling 'Download Labels Print File' in 'Settings' of OpenSpecimen, users can download the CSV with labels information to be printed. This CSV can be manually fed to printer to print labels. Refer to 'Download specimen labels print file' section in 'Print Rules' wiki page for more details. 

Q. Bartender Videos

Refer to the files below for help setting up a File Integration:

Also, we have two webinar with additional information: 


OpenSpecimen uses print rules to decide on how specimen label content should be formatted and printed. Refer toCreate to Print Rules Via UI for more details. The printing rules can be customized based on CP, specimen type among other attributes as explained in below table.

Rules are matched in sequential fashion and stopped at first matching rule. Users are notified with an error message when none of the rules match specimen whose label is to be printed. 


  1. Generated labels are stored in database table: OS_LABEL_PRINT_JOB_ITEMS in JSON format. The printer software can be configured to poll this table at periodic intervals for new rows, read data and send it to printer. Please refer /wiki/spaces/DEV/pages/4948040 for more details

  2. Generated labels are written to CMD or CSV files saved in directory identified by CmdFilesDir rule variable value 'Output Directory' value specified in the rules. The format of cmd output file is as specified by CmdFileFmt rule variable value 'Output File Format' value in the rules. Printer software can be configured to poll CmdFilesDir directory at 'Output Directory' at periodic intervals for new cmd files and print labels. 

Adopters can implement custom print tokens by extending class AbstractLabelTmplToken and providing implementation for following methods: