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Configuring Apache


  • To see what ports Jboss is ACTUALLY listening to:


    for myport in $(ps -ef |grep jboss|grep -v grep|awk \{'print $2;'\}|xargs); do netstat -anp |grep $myport|grep LISTEN;done



OpenSpecimen in Apache Front Ending Environment

For deploying caTissue OpenSpecimen in the Apache front end JBOSS environment you need to take care of the following properties in the file:


Apache by default listens on both port 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS).  You should properly configure the Apache server to match your deployment environment.  For example, if you are deploying caTissue OpenSpecimen with HTTPS then only port 443 should be opened.

You need to specify the JBOSS IP in the[-i] file, and to map the application URLs
like /catissuecore, /cas you openspecimen you need to modify the[-i] file in Apache Server.

Please note that for secure caTissue OpenSpecimen connections to work properly, SSL termination should not happen before Apache (or JBoss). For example, you should not terminate your SSL connections at the load balancer.